1. Course page is on line (Oct. 3)
  2. Group Assignment I is announced. (Oct. 3)
  3. Lecture Notes Week2 (Oct.11)
  4. Bring a calculator for the quiz next week! (Oct.11)
  5. If you have a conflicting class and cannot atted the this class regularly, take quizzes at 11:45-12:00 at A3.
  6. Excel file explaining Parato Diagram posted (cellphone). (Oct.18)
  7. Week 3 Lecture Notes uploaded. (Oct.18)
  8. Quiz 1 Result (Oct.18)
  9. Week 4 Lecture Notes uploaded. (Oct.25)
  10. Quiz 2 Result (Oct.25)
  11. Week 5 lecture notes uploaded (Nov.1)
  12. Quiz 3 Result (Nov.1)
  13. Practice Questions/Answers uploaded (Nov.4)
  14. Group Assignment 2 is uploaded! (Nov. 7)
  15. Week6 lecture notes uploaded (11/8)
  16. Quiz 4 Result (Nov.8)
  17. Group Assignment 1 Result (Nov.14)
  18. Week 7 lecture note uploaded. (Nov.15)
  19. Quiz 5 Result (Nov.17)
  20. Midterm Exam Coverage: Ch.1~Ch.3. Bring your calculator. No cell phone allowed. (Nov.17)
  21. Group Assignment 2 is due on Dec. 2 (Friday) at 12:30. (Nov.26)
  22. How to draw a bar plot in R Instruction (Nov.29)
  23. Midterm Exam Result (Nov.30) Congratulations! Record high average. Good job!
  24. Week 9 Lecture note (Nov.30)
  25. Week 10 Lecture Note (Dec.6)
  26. Quiz 6 and 7 Results (Dec.6)
  27. Due to very high proportion of students submitting blank sheets of paper for quizzes, I will decrease the attendance point to 0.25 for the rest of the quizzes. (Dec.6)
  28. Week 11 Lecture Note. (Dec.13)
  29. Quiz 8 Result (Dec.13)
  30. Week 12 Lecture Note. (Dec. 20)
  31. Tip for Assignment 3 (Dec.31)
  32. Week 13 Lecture Note. (Dec.27)
  33. Next week (Jan.3), we will have "bonus quiz". It will be 2 points, without any attendance point. Study "normal distribution". (Dec.27)
  34. Week 14 Lecture Note. (Jan.3)
  35. Quiz 9,10 and Bonus Results (Jan.4)
  36. RHW2 Results (Jan.16)
  37. RHW3 Results (Jan.16)
  38. Announcement regarding copies on Assignment 3. (Jan.18)
  39. Final Exam Result (Jan.21)


Lecture Notes

Week 2 data files: Height, city, finalscore, cellphone

Week 3 data files: Height, finalscore

Week 4 data files: finalscore

Week 5 data files: examscore

Week 6

Week 7

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13

Week 14

Group Assignment

NEW! TIP for Assignment 3

NEW! Deadline of Assignment 3 has been extended to Jan. 6 Friday at 12:30.

Assignment 3 (Due on Jan. 6 Friday at 12:30 PM) No late (even for 5 mins) HW will not be accepted.

Data for VI task   bdims_partial.csv

<The web page which can be useful for VI task>


Group Assignment 1 (Due on Nov. 1 at 12:00 Noon)

data entry example on excel

Group Assignment 2 (Due on Dec.2 at 12:30 PM)

How to draw a bar plot in R


Practice Questions

Chapter 1: Questions, Answers

Chapter 2: Questions, Answers

Chapter 3: Questions, Answers

Chapter 4: Questions - part 1, part 2, Answers-part1, part2

Chapter 5: Questions - part1, part2, Answers - part1, part2

R Homework

R related

*Download R program from

step1: set CRAN (anywhere is fine, just pick one)

step2: select R according to your PC

You can also download a package named "Rcmdr"

step1: set CRAN if you haven't done so

step2: select "Rcmdr" from the list of packages

step3: once downloaded, click "load packages" from Packages tab, then you should see the Rcmdr window pops up.


References for R

Quick R

Introduction to R Programming Course at Edx (It's FREE!)


Practice Questions