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Video Messages from Graduates Abroad


RHW1 Instruction; Honor Code; Contribution Sheet

Lecture Notes

Week 1: Slide, Video1, Video2, Video3

Week2 : Slide

Week 3: Slide

For Week 4, bring your laptop after installing R, R studio and highgpa.xlsx; highgpa.csv data.

Week 4: Slide; R-code handout

Week 5: Slide

Week 6: Slide

Week 7: Slide


Quiz Questions

Quiz 1 (Answer)

Quiz 2 (Answer)


R Learning Tool:  Sign up for the free R course at

and self-teach the basic operations of R. You will be more comfortable with R program.\

Podcast: DataFramed (post cast by Datacamp) to learn something about the world of data science and scientists.


Group Assignment


Practice Questions

Chapter 1: Questions, Answers

Chapter 2: Questions, Answers

Chapter 3: Questions, Answers

Chapter 4: Questions - part 1, part 2, Answers-part1, part2

Chapter 5: Questions - part1, part2, Answers - part1, part2

R Homework

R related

*Download R program from

step1: set CRAN (anywhere is fine, just pick one)

step2: select R according to your PC

You can also download a package named "Rcmdr"

step1: set CRAN if you haven't done so

step2: select "Rcmdr" from the list of packages

step3: once downloaded, click "load packages" from Packages tab, then you should see the Rcmdr window pops up.


After installing the latest R program, download R Studio.


References for R

Quick R

Introduction to R Programming Course at Edx (It's FREE!)

R ile Uygulamalı Analiz Yöntemleri – I       Murat Şirin (This one is also FREE!)