1. Course page is on line (Oct. 14)
  2. Quiz 1 Rseult (Nov.22)
  3. Midterm Result (Dec.20)
  4. Quiz 2 Result (Dec.20)
  5. Quiz 3 Result (Dec.21)
  6. No class in Week 14 (=Jan.10).  We finished all the contents. (Jan.3)
  7. Final Exam Coverage: Everything. More weight given to the topics discussed after the midterm exam. Bring a calculator. (Jan.3)
  8. Quiz 4 Result (Jan.4)
  9. Make Up Exam: If you need to take a make up exam for the midterm, contact the instructor. It will be on 1/10/2019 at 12 noon. Come to my office. Bring your health report with you.
  10. RHW1 Result (Jan.18)
  11. RHW2 Result (Jan.18)
  12. Final Exam Result (Feb.3)
  13. You can come to my office to check your exam paper. Please DO NOT send me e-mails stating that "I got much lower score than I expected. Please check my paper again".


Video Messages from Graduates Abroad


RHW1 Instruction; Honor Code; Contribution Sheet

RHW2: Instruction; Honor Code; Contribution Sheet

Reference site for Task 1 (for now, refer to this and this); Reference site for Task 2 (pdf)

Lecture Notes

Week 1: Slide, Video1, Video2, Video3

Week2 : Slide

Week 3: Slide

For Week 4, bring your laptop after installing R, R studio and highgpa.xlsx; highgpa.csv data.

Week 4: Slide; R-code handout

Week 5: Slide

Week 6: Slide

Week 7: Slide

Week 9: Slide

Week 10: Slide

Week 11: Slide

Week 12: Slide

Week 13: Slide; Q-Q plot video


Quiz Questions

Quiz 1 (Answer)

Quiz 2 (Answer)

Quiz 3 (Answer)

Quiz 4 (Answer)


R Learning Tool:  Sign up for the free R course at

and self-teach the basic operations of R. You will be more comfortable with R program.\

Podcast: DataFramed (post cast by Datacamp) to learn something about the world of data science and scientists.


Group Assignment


Practice Questions

Chapter 1: Questions, Answers

Chapter 2: Questions, Answers

Chapter 3: Questions, Answers

Chapter 4: Questions - part 1, part 2, Answers-part1, part2

Chapter 5: Questions - part1, part2, Answers - part1, part2

R Homework

R related

*Download R program from

step1: set CRAN (anywhere is fine, just pick one)

step2: select R according to your PC

You can also download a package named "Rcmdr"

step1: set CRAN if you haven't done so

step2: select "Rcmdr" from the list of packages

step3: once downloaded, click "load packages" from Packages tab, then you should see the Rcmdr window pops up.


After installing the latest R program, download R Studio.


References for R

Quick R

Introduction to R Programming Course at Edx (It's FREE!)

R ile Uygulamalı Analiz Yöntemleri – I       Murat Şirin (This one is also FREE!)