This project was realized by the kind contributions of our graduates who are either working or studying outside Turkey.

Expected Audience: Freshmen+ Sophomore students in our department

                              + anyone who want to spend very fruitful/meaningful university lives.


1: To provide information on (a) how to spend your 4-year efficiently (classes, extra activities, gpa, languages...)(b) the procedure of applications to the universities abroad, (c) lives outside Turkey, far from family, (d) how to get a nice job abroad  to the students who just stated university and provide some kind of guideline and vision to those who consider (or haven't considered) studying abroad option after graduation.

2: To provide the general "successful" university students life idea.

I strongly believe that these messages will impact current students' life-plans in positive ways. I will be very happy to include new videos if any other graduates wish to contribute. Please send me an e-mail ( if you are interested  in joining in my little project. I feel extremely privileged to have such wonderful graduates who accepted my request and send the videos even if they are very busy with their works.

If any of you would like to contact any of these graduates, send me an e-mail so that I can connect you with her/him. Enjoy your opportunity!

(Disclaimer: Most of the students listed below have taken my elective courses. Hence the sample is "biased", and I'm mentioned more than I deserve. There obviously are other great lectures offered in our program. I also asked them to mention about the importance of data analysis in the video by connecting what they've learned and what they are required to do at school/job since my target was ECO137 and ECO239 students. I admit that in some areas of economic study, data analytic skills are not a "must". So don't be discouraged even if you just hate quantitative courses. You know, our world is great since there is diversity.)

*Turkish characters didn't show up well on this page, so I had to switch to non-Turkish alphabet. My apologies.

Cansu Eray @ Ireland

Mehmet Eray @ Ireland

Tansu Golpunar @ Ireland

Merve Burnazoglu @ Netherland

Irem Odemis @ Germany

Hazal Bicer @ Germany

Ali Eligul @ Italy

Gizem Bozer @ Spain