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Take Home Exam#NOTE: Deadline is extended to Saturday at Noon.: Instruction; data; data description


Lecture Note

Week1: Introduction

Week2: Anomalies 1

Week 3: Anomalies 2/Heuristics 1

Week 4: Heuristics 2

Week 5: Nudge/Behavioral Insights (Safety Video, Recycling 1 Recycling 2, Reducing Litters, Stairs)

Week 6: Prospect theory (worked on board)

Week 7: Prospect Theory / Consumer Behavior

Week 8: Experimental Methods

Week 13: Data Analysis(ANOVA, Logit/Ordered Logit/Mutinomial Logit, Dif-in-Difs)

               Slide[ANOVA, cotton, highschool, marketing, adrenal; dif-in-dif; logit]




Anomalies related.

1."The Framing of Decisions adn the Psychology of Choice" Tversky adn Kahneman (1981)

2. "All Frames are not Created Equal:A Typology adn Critical Analysis of Framing Effects" Levin, Schneider and Goeth (1998)

3. "The Social Psychology of Climate Change effects of Message Framing in Policy Communication on Climate Change" Bertolotti and Catellani (2014)

4. "The framing Effect in Medical Decision-Making: A Review of the Literature" Gong et al. (2013)

5. "Anomalies: The Endowment Effect, Loss Aversion and Status Quo Bias" Kahneman, Knetsch adn Thaler (1991)

6. "Status Quo Bias in Decision Making" Samuelson and Zeckhauser (1988)

7. "The Framing of Decision and the Psychology of Choice" Tversky and Kahneman (1981)

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9. "A self-regulatory framework for message framing" Cesario et al. (2013)

10. "Special issue article: The social psychology of climate change Effects of message framing in policy communication on climate change" BERTOLOTTI and CATELLANI (2014)

11."The framing effect in medical decisionmaking: a review of the literature" Gong et al. (2013)

12. "The joint effect of framing and anchoring on internet buyers’ decision-making" Wu and Cheng (2011)

13. "Status-quo bias in decision making" Samuelson and Zeckhauser (1988)

14. "Do Default Save Lives?" Johnson and Goldstein (2003)

15. "Goal Orientation and Consumer Preference for the Status Quo ALEXANDER CHERNEV (2004)

16. "Consumer Rationality and the Status Quo" Hartman et al. (1991)

17. "Patient Inertia and the Status Quo Bias: When an Inferior Option Is Preferred" Suri et al. (2013)

18. "Anomalies Preference Reversals" Tversky and Thaler (1990)

Heurisitcs related.