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  2. Midterm Exam Result (Sorry for the long wait!) Ave:50, SD:27(May 13)
  3. Final Exam Date: June 12th 17:00-18:30. A2
  4. Final Exam Coverage: From Week6 Anomalies slide till the end, including Data Analysis.
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Course Syllabus

Senin Kararin mi? (Basic Behavioral Economics contents explained in Turkish)


Lecture Slides: (requires username; password)

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: NO CLASS

Week 3: Decison Making Errors

Week 4: Rationality, Utility, Biases

Week 5: Heuristic Judgment; Nudge

Week 6: Heuristic Judgment; Anomalies (Framing Effect)

Week 9: Data Analysis , babyweight.csv, ANOVAcode, LOGITcode, DIDcode

Week 11: Prospect Theory

Week 12: Anomalies (2)

Week 13: Consumer Behavior


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Behavioral Economics Guide 2016

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OECD Report on Behaviral Economics