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  2. There will be a lecture tomorrow. However, Quiz is cancelled. Have a safe trip if you are going home. (Mar.12)
  3. Links to practice questions are fixed. (Mar.18)
  4. Lecture notes, related attachment and follow-up questions to be answered were uploaded as 1st Work from Home Session. (Mar.20)
  5. Lecture notes and related materials are uploaded. Since I'm uploading the answer to the previous week's questions at 9am, I do not accept any late homework. (Mar. 27)


Lecture Notes

Week 1: Sampling Distributiuon of Sample Means

Week 2: Sampling Distribution of Sample Means (2), CLT, Acceptance Interval

Week 3: Sampling Distribution of Sample Variances, Sample Proportions  ;  Quiz 1 (wasn't conducted)

Week 4: Confidence Interval Estimators; Attachment to slides (attachement to Slide 37); z table; t table; Follow-up Questions (Due 3/27 at 9am)  ; Answer to Follow-up Questions

Week 5: Hypothesis Testing (1) ppt; pdf; Attachment to slides; chi-squared table:

Note: Follow-up Question is on the last page of the attachment. Due 4/3 at 9am.

Week 6: Hypothesis Testing (2) ppt; pdf; Attachment to slides; zoom recorded videos part1, part2, part3

Follow-up Questions for Week 6; Answers to follow-up questions to Week 5




Practice Questions

Chapter 6   Questions/Answers

Chapter 7   Questions/Answers <part1><part2>

Chapter 8   Questions <part1> <part2>/ Answers <part1><part2>

Chapter 9   Questions/ Answers

Chapter 10 Questions/Answers

Chapter 11 Questions/Answers part1/part2