1. Course page is on line (Nov.13)
  2. Homework Questions for Chapter 4, 5, 6 and 7 (partial) are posted.
  3. Midterm 1 Result is posted. (Nov.24)
  4. Those who are registered to different sections, consult the instructor.
  5. Homework Questions for Chapter 7 part2, 8 and 9 part1 are posted. (Dec.12)
  6. Homework Questions and Answers for Chapter 9 part 2 are posted. (Jan. 9)
  7. Midterm 2 Result is posted. (Jan.9) (Sorry for making you wait!)
  8. Final Exam Result is posted. (Jan. 18)


Homework Questions:
(Note: I decided not to post any answers. Answers to the some of the questions are available on the back of the textbook. If you have any question regarding to the homework questions, e-mail me. Please be specific about your questions.(I don't accept any general question such as "I didn't understand Q3". I request "I tried to solve this way, but didn't work" or "I came to this step, but not sure about the following steps" type of questions. ) If I receive many questions regarding to specific questions, I will post the hints/answers.)

Chapter 4 Questions
Chapter 5 Questions
Chapter 6 Questions
Chapter 7 Questions Part 1 Part 2
Chapter 8 Questions
Chapter 9 Questions