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2 Quiz 1 Result (Nov.9)

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7. Final Exam Result (Feb.3) 

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Week 2 Experiment (Comparative Advantage)


Week 3 Production Possibility Frontier (page 1, page 2)

Week 4,5 Own Demand   / QD vs. Demand

Week 6 Supply_Demand Group Exercise


QUIZ Questions: Quiz 1 [Question, Answer]; Quiz 2 [Question, Answer];

                          Quiz 3[Question,Answer]l; Quiz 4[Question, Answer]


Practice Questions

Chapter 2; Questions, Answers

Chapter 3; Questions, Answers

Chapter 4; Questions, Answers

Chapter 5; Questions, Answers

Chapter 6; Questions, Answers

Chapter 7;Questions, Answers

Chapter 8; Questions, Answers

Chapter 9; Questions, Answers