1. Course page is online. (2/22)

Course Syllabus

Lecture Slides:(requires username; password)

Week 1: Introduction (zoom: part1, part2)
Week 2: Sustainability, Ecological Footprint, Property Right, CPRExperiment (zoom: part1, part2, part3), CPR Experiment Excel
Week 3: Externality, Steel Company vs. Resort hotel illustrations 1, 2, (zoom: part1, part2, part3)
Week 4: Pollution/ Air Pollution  (1) (zoom: part1,part2, part3)
Week 5: Climate Change (zoom: part1, part2, part3)
Week 6: Water Pollution (zoom: part1, part2, part3)
Week 7: Climate Change Presentations (part1, part2, part3, part4, Umut Keskin)
Week 10: Survey Data Analysis, DBDC (part1, part2, part3) data sets and R codes are on HUZEM.
Week 11: Policy Instruments (1), extra note, (part1, part2, part3)
Week 13: Policy Insturments (2) EUETS/ Environmental CBA, extra note (zoom: part1, part2, part3)

R code for DBDC estimation
Practice Dataset How to prepare data for DBDC estimation

Links to the MUST WATCH movies
Al Gore TED talk
Inconvinient Truth (Movie by Al Gore)
Before the Flood (Documentary By Leonardo DiCaprio)