1. Course page is online. (2/20)
  2. Since I'm guessing the classes after this break will have to be conducted in intensive and possibly shorter time period, I would like to continue our class as much as we can during this break. Attendance point will be given as you complete the tasks I indicate each week. If you have any problem conducting any of these tasks, contact the instructor. (3/16)
  3. Let's make the due date for the 1st presentation topic idea on next Monday (3/23).  This is different from your project topic. Your project topic submission due date is on 3/30 at 5pm.   (3/18)
  4. Update: 1st Presentation will be on April 13th (Monday). Each group will present max. 12 mins. Topic submission due date is now April 6th. It was great seeing you all. See you next week! (March 30).
  5. Final Presentation will be on June 8th (Monday) at 13:00.

Course Syllabus

Course Project Instruction (including 2nd Presentation, Final Report)

Example Project Topics

Lecture Slides:(requires username; password)
Week1 : Introduction
Week2: Common Pool Resource Management, Sustainability, Property Rights
Week3: Externality; Pollution (1)    Externality Worksheet
Week4 (work from home week 1): 1. Watch Inconvenient Truth; Al Gore TED talks; Before the Flood
                                                     2. Study lecture notes on regional/global air pollution; climate change
 3. After studying the above contents, identify the topic for climate change prentation.
 4. Submit by e-mail ( the topic you would like to work on for the 1st presentation.

Week 5: (work from home week 2): Create an account on Google Classroom, find our course using zerxqqu  as our class code. Earlier, I've also sent you an invitation e-mails. I will use both this site and Google Classroom for now.

Today, I would like you to spend sufficient amount of time to research the specific topic you are interested in working for the 1st presentation.
Instruction for the 1st Presenation
After watching the movies I've assigned last week, I expect you have certain knowledge of Climate Change and existing policies.
Select one very specific topic of climate change policies (which you are interested in) of the country of your choice.
Submit the specific topic for the 1st presentation by 23:59 tomorrow.
Some of you have sent topics, however, I want you to be more specific.

What is NDC?
INDC documents for each country

Week 6: ECBA and Environmental Evaluation 1; slide; Zoom session 1, session 2.

Week 7: CVM estimation method(ppt), Environmental Evaluation 2; Reference (Stated Preference Methods using R); Zoom videos part1, part2, part 3

Week 8: 1st presentation on Climate Change: zoom videos part1, part2, part3, part4

Week 9: 1st presntation on Climate Chage part 2: zoom videso part1, part2, part3, part4

Week 10: Water Pollution (ppt, pdf); zoom videos part1, part2, part3

Week 11: Midterm Exam

Week 12: Logit Models (ppt); R codes (logit; ordered logit, multinomial logit); zoom videos part1, part2, part3

Week 13: Economics of Pollution Control; zoom videos part 1, part2, part3

Week 14: No class due to Bayram

Week 15: Economics of Pollution Control (2) (Emission Trading System); Handout for ETS

Week 16: Project Presentation (part1, part2, part3, part4)


R code for DBDC estimation
Practice Dataset How to prepare data for DBDC estimation

Links to the MUST WATCH movies
Al Gore TED talk
Inconvinient Truth (Movie by Al Gore)
Before the Flood (Documentary By Leonardo DiCaprio)