1. Course page is on line (2/20)
  2. Since there is an uncertainty regarding university's re-opining time, I would like to continue our lectures as much as possible. In doing so, I re-organized the course contents and moved up the ones you can study by yourself first. As Week 4 task, please read the attached book "Predictably Irrational" by Dan Ariely, and review the slide, which was prepared based on the book. This is a fun book to read, and hopefully, it will contain many hints regarding your course project. You are reponsible for these self-study contents for exams. Enjoy the reading! (3/18)

Course Syllabus

Project Instruction (including Presentations, Final Report)

Senin Kararin mi? (Basic Behavioral Economics contents explained in Turkish)

Lecture Slides: (requires username; password)

Week1 : Introduction  (video)

Week 2: Judgment, Rationality, DM Errors [Video1, Video2, Video3, Video4]

Week 3: week2 continued; Utilities + Errors

Week 4: Consumer Behavior (ppt file); Read "Predictably Irrational"; Take this course

Week 5: Nudge (ppt), Nudge (pdf);

               Read "Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness"

              Refer to: OECD report (2017) : Behavioral Insights and Public Policy

              (Extra fun materials: ted talks on self-control; procrastination )

Week 6: Heuristic Judgment 1 (Availability, Anchoring and Adjustment) (ppt, pdf); zoom session part 1, part2, part3; Ted talks Bill Gates

Week 7: Heuristic Judgment 2 (Representativeness) (ppt, pdf); zoom session part1, part2, part3

Week 8: 1st Presentation zoom session part1, par2, part3, part 4 (4th session failed to convert....)

Week 9: 23 Nisan

Week 10: Anomalies (1) (ppt, pdf), Recordings in zoom part1, part2, part3

Week 11: Midterm Exam

Week 12: Logistic Regression Models, R codes (logit, ordered logit, multinomial logit), Recordings in zoom part1, part2, part 3

Week 13: Anomalies (2) (ppt, pdf), Recordings in zoom part1, part2, part3

Week 14: Prospect Theory (ppt, pdf), Handout, Recordings in zoom part1, part2, part3

Week 16: Project Presentations (part1, part2 ; unfortunately part 3 failed to convert from zoom file...)




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