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Lecture Notes

Week 1&2 Introduction + Sampling Distribution of Sample Means, zoom session 1, session 2, session 3

Week 3 Sampling Distributionof Sample Means (2), Sample Variances, extra note, zoom session 1, session 2, session 3

Week 4 Sampling Distribution of Sample Variance/Proportions, Confidence Interval, extra note, zoom session1, session 2, session 3

Week 12 Regression Analysis (1), extra note, zoom s1, s2, s3

Week 13 Regression Analysis (2), extra note, Hypothesis testing for difference between two population proportions, zoom s1, s2, s3


Statistical Tables

1. Standard Normal Table

2. t-Table

3. Chi-squared Table

4. Binomial Table (pdf); (cdf)



Practice Questions

Chapter 6   Questions/Answers

Chapter 7   Questions/Answers <part1><part 2>

Chapter 8   Questions <part1><part2>/ Answers <part1><part2>

Chapter 9   Questions/ Answers

Chapter 10 Questions/Answers

Chapter 11 Questions/Answers part1/part2