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RHW2 Instruction, data: gifted, hsb2, murders,

References: reference_inference1, reference_inference2,reference_regression

Attachment: Honor Code, Contribution Sheet


RHW1 Instruction, data, reference 1, reference 2, plot_ci, Honor Code, Contribution Sheet

Quiz Questions

Quiz 1; Quiz 2; Quiz 3; Quiz 4; Quiz 5

Lecture Notes

Week 1: Introduction: Ch.4 Sampling Distribution of Sample Means <data yrbss; code: random samples >

Week 2: Ch.4 Sampling Distribution of Samples Means (cont'd)

Week 3: Acceptance Interval; Sampling Distribution of Sample Variance

Week 4: Sample Proportion; Unbiasedness, Consistency and Efficiency

Week 5: Confidence Interval

Week 6: Hypothesis Testing 1 (known population mean)

Week 7: p-value

Week 9: Confidence Interval (difference in two population means)

Week 10: Hypothesis Testing (difference in two population means)

Week 11: Hypothesis Testing (p-value, type II error, difference in two population proportions)

Week 12: Regression Analysis 1

Week 13: Regression Analysis 2

Week 14: Regression Analysis 3


Webpage which could be useful for data management.



Practice Questions

Chapter 6   Questions/Answers

Chapter 7   Questions/Answers <part1><part2>

Chapter 8   Questions <part1> <part2>/ Answers <part1><part2>

Chapter 9   Questions/ Answers

Chapter 10 Questions/Answers

Chapter 11 Questions/Answers part1/part2