1. Course page is on line (Oct. 21)
  2. R homework1  announced (Oct. 21)
  3. In-class R demo file (Oct. 21)
  4. RHW1 due extended to Nov. 20 due to the midterm exam week. (Oct.23)
  5. Midterm Exam 1: Coverage Ch1 and 2. Bring a scientific calculator. No cell phone allowed on the desk during the exam.
  6. Practice Question for Ch.3 Probability is posted. (Nov.19)
  7. Midterm Exam 1 Result (Dec.1)
  8. Midterm Exam 2 will be on Dec. 10 (Thursday) at 16:00-17:30. Coverage: Ch.3 and 4 (up to Poisson Approximation). Bring a calculator. (Dec.1)
  9. R HW2 posted. (Dec. 8)
  10. Make-up Exam for MID2 will be held on Thursday, 24th Dec. from 15:00 to 16:20. Only those who have sumitted valid health report can take the make-up. (Dec.21)
  11. Midterm Exam II Result. (Dec.22)
  12. Final Exam Result.(Jan.7)
  13. Homework Result.(Jan.11)



R Homework

R HW 2 is posted. Due: Dec. 24 (Thursday) at 16:00. Submit a hard copy to the instructor. No late homework will be accepted.

Announcement regarding RHW1: You are not required to do Task 4.

R Homework 1 < Due: Nov. 20 (Friday) at 16:30> No late homework will be accepted. (not even 5 minuites!)

If you have a problem coverting .xls file to .csv file, refer to your lecture notes on R

discussed in Nilgun Hoca's class. It's all there.


Data: HousingDataSRT.csv        HousingDataSRT.xlsx   

Data Descriptions: HousingDataSRT, AER, ECDAT

When you have any problem, refer to R References.

R related

R demonstration script file used in Oct.22 class

*Download R program from

step1: set CRAN (anywhere is fine, just pick one)

step2: select R according to your PC

You can also download a package named "Rcmdr"

step1: set CRAN if you haven't done so

step2: select "Rcmdr" from the list of packages

step3: once downloaded, click "load packages" from Packages tab, then you should see the Rcmdr window pops up.


References for R

Quick R

Introduction to R Programming Course at Edx (It's FREE!)


Practice Questions

Chapter 1 Questions, Answers

Chapter 2 Questions, Answers

Chapter 3 Questions, Answers

Chapter 4 Questions <part 1, part 2>, Answers <part 1, part 2 >

Chapter 5 Questions <part 1, part2>, Answers <part1, part2>