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  2. Since there is an uncertainty regarding when the university will be opened, I would like to post lecture notes weekly (on Tuesdays at 1pm, our regular lecture hour) so that you can study the things you should learn during this semester by yourself. I will include questions to be solved and submitted by e-mail to encourage you to practice. In order not to squeeze all the important contents in uncertain period of time, I request all of you to take responsiblity for mastering these concepts. The things I post here are considered your responsibility towards exams and quiz. (3/17)
  3. Link to practice questions are fixed. (3/17)
  4. Answer to HW1. (I'm sending back your submitted answers after grading, approximatley 10-20 per day.Thanks for your wait!) (3/19)

Lecture Notes
March 17 Matrix (System of Equestions, Cramer's Rule, Leontief Model) with 2 deadlines.
1. March 18 at 5pm. (Review question on 1st page).
2. March 24 at 1pm. (Practice quesiton on Leontief Model).
Submit either by scanning your answer or taking a picture of your answer sheet, including ID, Name and Sinature.

March 24 Functions with Many Variables (part 1); Answer to last week's follow-up Question

March 31 Tools for Comparative Statics (part 1); Lecture in zoom; Follow-up Questions;
Answer to last week's follow-up Quetsions

Week 7: April 7 Tools for Comparative Statics (part 2); Lecture in zoom (part 1; part 2), Follow-up Questions for Week 7, Answer to Week 6 follow-up questions.

Practice Questions

Chapter 10 Questions/Answers
Chapter 11 Questions/Answers
Chapter 12 Questions/Answers
Chapter 13 Questions/Answers

Chapter 14 Questions/Answers
Chapter 15 & 16 Questions page 1, 2, 3
/some answers (page 1) (page 2)(page 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
*Answers for CH.15 & 16 contributed by Tugce. Thanks a lot! Report if you find any mistakes.