1. Course page is online. (Oct 7)
  2. No class on Oct. 28th (Oct.27)
  3. Midterm exam, including the slids discussed today (Nov.18)
  4. Midterm Exam Result (Dec.6)
  5. Worksheets worked during the classes are added. (Jan.17)
  6. Final exam and project report grades (Feb.4)

Course Syllabus

Project Instruction

Lecture Notes
Week 1: Introduction
Week 2: Property Rights
Week 3-6: Coase Theorem, Pollution control
Week 7: Macroeconomics concepts related to CBA: worksheet(PPP, CPI)
Week 9: Basic CBA calculations
Week 10-11: Environmental Evaluation
Week 12: Environmental Evaluation -case study; Mortality/Morbidity
Week 13: Cost effectiveness analysis

Worksheet Demand - Supply
Weeksheet Emission
Worksheet NPV calculation
Worksheet ECBA

Lecture Slides:(requires username; password)

Links to the MUST WATCH movies
Al Gore TED talk
Inconvinient Truth (Movie by Al Gore)
Before the Flood (Documentary By Leonardo DiCaprio)